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ACEEE Report: Pathways to Healthy, Affordable, Decarbonized Housing: A State Scorecard 



Download this scorecard to learn a comprehensive approach among the housing, health, and energy sectors for scaling clean energy investments.

High-quality, decarbonized, affordable housing can significantly impact the well-being of families, but competing goals are sometimes seen as tradeoffs (e.g., the belief that healthy, high-efficiency, renewable-powered homes cannot also be affordable). State efforts to provide healthy, affordable housing are at an early stage, and as they evolve, policymakers who assume tradeoffs are required will miss opportunities to enact solutions that can benefit vulnerable populations. This scorecard identifies state policies, programs, and investments aimed at advancing a coordinated approach in support of healthy, affordable, decarbonized housing, focusing specifically on energy efficiency, electrification, and renewable energy.

Producing healthy, affordable housing is a multifaceted challenge that requires coordination among state agencies. Similarly, scaling clean energy investments in this sector will require a comprehensive approach among the housing, health, and energy sectors, for which this scorecard is intended as a resource.

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