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BPA is Your Home Performance Advocate

BPA lobbies for state and federal policies that grow the home performance industry. Our advocacy work advances the goals and aspirations of our members and more than 2.25 million Americans across all 50 states who work in building performance and energy efficiency businesses and industries.

Active Priority

Unprecedented Federal Funding Within the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)

BPA helped secure $8.8 billion in rebates and incentives for home efficiency and electrification upgrades as part of the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). This funding is expected to trigger a tsunami of home performance work across the country. To ease the tight labor market, BPA worked to secure another $200 million for state-based home energy-efficiency contractor training grants. BPA is in frequent contact with state energy offices to provide input, keep up with developments, and keep members informed.

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Recent Advocacy Work

Workforce RFI Response

BPA provided comments pertaining to workforce development programs contained in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022 and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) of 2021. Click here to…

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December 2022 State Policy Updates

BPA tracks the latest policy updates and legislative issues in many states across the nation. Read the highlights and find your state and check out the most recent policy news…

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BPA Releases West Virginia Workforce Development Needs Report

The Building Performance Association (BPA) recently published the “West Virginia Workforce Development Needs Assessment,” which is the first step in a longer-term commitment to market transformation. The report draws upon…

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Our Advocacy & Policy Principles

Through our ongoing work, we support:

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Recognition of the building performance workforce as a distinct and critical industry

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Increased workforce development training and education for home performance contractors and businesses

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Increased collaboration between the weatherization and home performance sectors

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Robust federal and state funding for building performance and weatherization

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Economic development programs such as rebates and tax incentives, to increase market penetration of energy efficiency upgrades

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Well-designed customer and contractor financing options

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Modernized and reformed cost-effectiveness screening practices

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The advancement of healthy homes, including policies that help remove barriers to home energy upgrades

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Coordinating electrification initiatives with building science-based energy efficiency and weatherization

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Expansion and use of smart home technologies

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Consistent, secure and reliable access to quality data to improve the quantification of energy savings and non-energy benefits

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Standardized data transfer and reporting to scale up energy efficiency upgrades

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Policies and research that demonstrate the broader benefits of residential energy efficiency and weatherization in resiliency, healthy outcomes and climate change

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Engagement of state and government agencies to advance the economic development potential of the energy efficiency industry

Time-Sensitive Top Priority

BPA’s Workforce Development Efforts

The future of our industry depends on our people. BPA is investing in a framework for training and education that will equip our industry with a high-quality, skilled workforce.

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Take Action

Visit our legislative action center to sign up for our advocacy alerts and get involved with our policy initiatives.

Monthly State Updates

BPA tracks the latest policy updates and legislative issues in many states across the nation. Find your state and keep up with policy news.

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