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Workforce Development

The work can't wait. It's time to train and equip our workforce.

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Advancing Workforce Development

The future of our industry depends on our people. BPA is leading the charge in workforce development and investing in a framework for training and education that will equip the home and building performance industry with a high-quality, skilled workforce.

BPA’s charge ignites at the local level where our state-level coordinator team works with stakeholders to identify what resources are needed to scale home performance projects. They also work with local schools, technical institutes, and training centers to increase the exposure of students to the career options within this growing industry.

Additionally, BPA is in contact with state energy offices to ensure that the home performance industry’s needs are considered as they decide how to spend funding from the Inflation Reduction Act and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act. Money from these Acts can be used to reduce training costs, provide testing and certification, or partner with nonprofits.

Workforce Development Milestones & Resources

A prosperous workforce needs a strong foundation. Here are some of the things we've done so far to set our industry up for success.

BPA Career Center

Ongoing promotion and employment opportunity features within the industry.

Learning Library

Resources and education are made available on an ongoing basis through the Resource Library and Training Library on BPA Connections.

Training and Careers Hub Launched

Launched in early 2021 with the Career Center and on-demand Learning Library. There will be continued augmentation and build-out of these resources in the coming months.

Workforce Development Needs Assessment

Results from the BPA member and stakeholder survey on workforce development challenges and opportunities.

Summary of Workforce Development Needs Assessment and next steps.

What BPA is Doing Next to Advance Workforce Development

We are still working to create a thriving industry and workforce.

Professional Development Center

In Progress

In conjunction with the Green Buildings Career Map (launched March 2021), BPA is adding tools specific to building performance on standard job descriptions, qualifications, and career pathways.

State-Level Needs Assessments


BPA has started conducting state-level need assessments as the first stage in a longer-term commitment to market transformation. This comes after the national industry-wide needs assessment that was centered on identifying workforce development challenges, addressing gaps in training, and building capacity for individuals and businesses working in residential energy efficiency. Needs assessments are now being carried out in Arizona, Maine, and West Virginia.

Training Library


BPA is partnering with individual trainers, training organizations, and educators to co-deliver curated content on technical training, soft-skills training, best practices, and more. The resource collection will continually grow and will be showcased in conjunction with local, regional, and national training events.

Business Academy

In Progress

Central to the WFD initiative is supporting organizations in finding, attracting, and retaining workers while also developing business operations to deliver high-quality projects, products, and services. The Business Academy will offer access to curated curricula packages on human resources functions, quality management systems, accounting, management leadership, and more.



As part of our WFD initiative, BPA is creating an extensive and robust network of affiliates at the state, local, and regional levels. Our state affiliates help amplify the work of BPA and provide local support to those working in the home performance industry.

Americorps VISTA

In Progress

BPA will partner with the Americorps VISTA program to fill a variety of needs in organizing and building up the workforce in the energy efficiency industry. Individuals will be placed in service to BPA allies, affiliates, weatherization agencies, and State Energy offices. AmeriCorp VISTA members will help set up meetings and events, increase collaboration and training opportunities, and set up projects related to energy and weatherization.

Apprenticeship Program Development

In Progress

BPA is the official sponsor of the Department of Labor-approved Energy Specialist apprenticeship model O*NET-SOC Code: 47-4011.01. BPA will work with State agencies, training institutions, contractor employers, and weatherization agencies to provide the framework for on-the-job training and classroom instruction for a registered apprenticeship. Click here to learn more.

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