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Building HVAC Science: The push for heat pumps and the accompanying funding for electrification with Cindy Zeis



Listen to Building HVAC Science discuss heat pumps & electrification with Cindy Zeis.

Building HVAC Science had a great conversation with Cindy Zeis of Performance Systems Development, a company with the tag line: “Moving Energy Efficiency Forward” and description. We combine building science with technology to help utility companies, program implementers, and building performance professionals achieve energy savings.

This whole conversation was spurred by a post that Cindy made on Linked In about electrification programs and the need to get our priorities straight.

I was especially attracted to this paragraph in Cindy’s post:

In light of recent developments, such as the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and other funding opportunities that promote installation of heat pumps and other energy-efficient technologies, it’s essential to emphasize the importance of considering a building as a holistic system. It’s important to highlight the critical role of the building envelope and energy-efficient components, such as lighting, in minimizing energy loads before sizing mechanical equipment. It’s also important to incorporate third-party verification for both building and mechanical system performance.”

This episode was recorded in October 2023.

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