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Energy Efficiency Alliance: Heat Pump News & Resources



EEA presents heat pump resources and news.

Curious about heat pumps? Take a moment to visit a brand new website from the Energy Efficiency Alliance with Consumer Education, Success Stories, Webinar Recordings, News, and Resources : Check it out here!

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Principles for Conducting Remote Audits on Single and Multi Family Homes

Download the principles from BPI for remote audits on single and multifamily homes.

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Home Diagnosis TV: S1 Ep3 Flipping a House for Performance 

Watch as Grace and Corbett drive their TinyLab​ to a split-level ranch that hasn't been updated in decades.

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The “V” in HVAC with Allison Bailes 

Watch as Mighty Homes and Allison Bailes discuss 17 steps to improve duct systems.