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Home Diagnosis TV: S2 Ep2: Big Picture Performance vs. Efficiency 



Watch as Grace and Corbett Lunsford break ground on their forever home, and learn the importance of building effective systems for indoor air quality.

Grace and Corbett Lunsford break ground on their forever home, and the project immediately becomes bigger than they’d planned. Indoor Air Quality requires understanding ventilation and airtightness targets, and with low-income weatherization and government programs pushing for energy efficiency, the origin of the ‘energy audit’ is exposed as good at heart but inconsistent with building codes, and possibly harmful for the home’s occupants.

Features Utah weatherization experts Wade Thompson, Matt Dalton, Matt Turner, Jesse Waite, Zack Mitchell, Jordan Evans, and many more who didn’t get as much time on camera, and the incredible Intermountain Weatherization Training Center.

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