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Home Diagnosis TV: S2 Ep6: Windbreakers (Air Sealing, Insulation, & Layers of the Enclosure) 



Watch a consulting/testing visit to Anna’s house, where she’s having some trouble with moisture condensation, and learn more about home ventilation and insulation.

There’s a fear abundant in the general public that houses “need to breathe” and they shouldn’t be built too tight, but what does that mean? House wraps, all-in-one Weather Resistant Barrier (WRB) sheathing, tapes, foams all can help seal a house tight, but then it must be ventilated right. And insulation in the cavities of your walls is good, but how can you add a continuous jacket of exterior insulation to really up your family’s comfort and energy efficiency? Every home is a system, and the skin of a home is as critical as the skin of your body.

Featuring a consulting/testing visit to Anna’s new house, where she’s having some trouble with moisture condensation, high-performance enclosure expert Johnny Rezvani of 475 Building Supply, Matt Risinger of the Build Show, and the cherry on top: a field test of wind-driven rain, or ‘Hurricane Test’ by Landus Bennett, using a pressure washer and 5 blower door tests at the same time.

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