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What Consumers (and Practitioners) Need to Know About IAQ Services 



Listen as Carl Grimes discusses IAQ/IEQ from both the commercial/residential client's perspective, as well as from the practice side.

The terrain of IAQ has not improved since COVID. If anything, it’s even more confusing and riskier for the clients. The necessity of guardrails is greater than ever. The need for parachutes is beginning.  

In this episode, we discuss IAQ/IEQ from both the commercial/residential client’s perspective, as well as from the practice side.  Clear communication is paramount for positive outcomes with indoor environmental issues.

Carl Grimes, HHS CIEC, has direct experience consulting with those who experience complaints indoors and as a leader in the industry intended to fix those causes. Because he also originally experienced the harm in his personal life he has a unique perspective and approach for understanding and communicating the complications and confusions between them. He is past president of IAQA and VP of Practice of ISIAQ, chaired the IAQA Healthy Home committee that wrote the Healthy Home Assessment Principles course. He has served on committees writing the original S520 mold remediation standard, medical practice parameters for allergists, official policy position statements for ASHRAE, plus several peer-reviewed and published papers. His current activities include the Vice-Chair of ASHRAE TC1.12 on building dampness, Chair of ASHRAE’s SGPC10 committee Interactions Affecting the Achievement of Acceptable Indoor Air Quality, and is the Director of Healthy Homes for the Hayward Healthy Home Institute and Hayward Score.

Listen to the podcast:

Healthy Indoors LIVE Show 7-29-21 with guest Carl Grimes

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