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Photo of Darnell Johnson

Darnell Johnson


Darnell Johnson is a spiritual and social architect committed to engineering solutions that humanizes the socio-economic existence of disadvantaged communities. With over two decades of entrepreneurial experience and a fixation on advancing energy equity, his emergence as an “ecopreneur” is evolutionary. Darnell is the CEO and President of Urban Efficiency Group, a utility implementation contractor and community sustainability design firm. His industry-specific credentials include, but are not limited to, BPI-Building Analyst, Building Envelope, Infiltration Duct Leakage, Energy Auditor, Quality Control Inspector, Healthy Homes Evaluator, RESNET Rater, and EcoDistrict Accredited Professional. He believes that diversity brings strength, inclusion is indicative of an acceptance that is essential to growth, and equity is a human right that should be embraced as the standard and not an exception. By pragmatically implementing these beliefs, systemic change would be the resolve and “Stronger Together” would become a reality.