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Meet the Faces of Energy Efficiency

Real People. Real Jobs.

Faces of EE is moving to the Building Performance Association this year! We're grateful to E4TheFuture for the amazing work they have done for our industry through this initiative over the years. We look forward to carrying on the legacy of Faces of EE for many years to come.

What is Faces of EE?

Are you one of the 2.2 million energy efficiency pros in the U.S? Show your face and tell your story.

Faces of EE is an awareness campaign that illustrates the importance of the energy efficiency industry to America’s economy, as well as other documented benefits including cleaner air and greater energy independence. More than 2.2 million people work in energy efficiency, and this campaign humanizes that statistic while educating decision makers and legislators about the many benefits energy efficiency brings to communities.

Why Faces of EE?

Energy efficiency is a proven job-creation powerhouse. We provide the data to back up that claim at a granular level.

People who work in EE are passionate about what they do. Why? Because EE jobs are:

  • Local and cannot be outsourced
  • Poised for growth, with historic federal investment
  • Focused on helping people
Graphic representation of workers in the construction industry. The Faces of EE logo appears above the workers.

By Joining the Campaign, You Can:

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Educate and persuade decisionmakers in your state with the facts

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Promote industry and workforce development for EE

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Share why you’re passionate about EE and encourage others to do the same

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