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Smiling headshot of Edward Louie

Edward Louie

Edward Louie works as a Building Energy Efficiency Research Engineer at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). Prior to PNNL, he worked as a residential energy technician. Louie has a master’s degree in energy and environmental policy and an undergraduate degree in civil and environmental engineering. He is passionate about bringing together people and the explicit and tacit knowledge they possess from both the white collar and the blue collar ends of the spectrum to create cultures, norms, approaches, policies, and programs that are respectful and create win-win situations for everyone involved. Louie wishes to see homes that are simultaneously affordable, resilient, easy to build and remodel, have low embodied carbon, and that are healthy and energy efficient become the norm. It will take many actions and changes to get there including consumer education, upskilling the existing workforce, shifts in cultural norms about construction trades work, onboarding workers from a greater diversity of sources and backgrounds, diffusion and utilization of new approaches, and acceptance and tolerance of some growing pains. As a board member of the Building Performance Association, he will strive to help the organization take actions that best serve its members, sponsors, and allies.