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ACEEE Report: Nobody Left Behind: Preliminary Review of Strategies to Support Affordable Housing Compliance with Building Performance Standards



This report gives a preliminary review of strategies to support affordable housing compliance with building performance standards.

State and local governments are increasingly turning to building performance standards (BPS) to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and energy use in existing buildings. BPS require some existing large and midsized commercial and residential buildings—including multifamily housing—to lower their energy use intensity, GHG emissions intensity, or both.

A new ACEEE report outlines the unique challenges affordable housing faces with BPS compliance, such as the lack of upfront capital for energy efficiency improvements, technical expertise to complete upgrades, and the need to sometimes complete health and safety upgrades to properties before energy efficiency upgrades can take place. For example, some units may need roof or structural repairs before property owners can make energy efficiency improvements. Some of these challenges are compounded by a history of disinvestment in the communities where these buildings are located.

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