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Emu Passive: Building Standards Report



This report investigates the ability of 12 building standards to deliver resilient, healthy, and efficient buildings.

This report investigates: 2018 IECC, 2021 IECC, 2024 IECC, California Title 24, EnergyStar v3.2, DOE Zero Energy Ready Home, Pretty Good House, 2015 Phius+, 2018 Phius+ Core, 2021 Phius+ Core, 2021 Phius+ Core Prescriptive, PHI Low Energy Building, and PHI Passive House.

The intent is to allow building owners, project teams, and policymakers to compare building standards as apples to apples and make informed decisions.

Read Pearl Certification’s analysis of the report

Download the report

Emu’s YouTube Videos on the report

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