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Energy Efficiency Jobs in America – 2021 



Read the report which summarizes the impact of the pandemic on the efficiency job industry, also discussing workforce development and training, career paths, and policy recommendations.

By E4TheFuture and E2 – October 2021

Energy efficiency employed more than 2 million Americans in 2020 and through the first half of 2021, dominating the U.S. clean energy economy–yet far behind what is needed for the energy transition. This fifth annual report provides a 13-page summary of 2020-21 U.S. efficiency jobs badly impacted by the pandemic. State specifics in the full report’s 400+ pages offer comparisons by sector, technology, firm size and more with job numbers by metro, county, legislative and congressional districts. Workforce development and training, career paths and policy recommendations are discussed.

The report and its dedicated website with animated key statistics is based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and a late-2020 survey of 35,000 businesses, using a methodology developed for the U.S. Department of Energy. Additional research was provided by BW Research Partnership.

View Energy Efficiency Jobs in America report

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