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GreenHome Institute: Heat Pumps can be the next AC: A study



Watch a great presentation about replacing AC with variable speed heat pumps (VSHPs).

Heat Pumps can be the next AC: A study

Heat pumps can do everything an air conditioner (AC) can and more. So why replace old ACs with the same old AC technology when heat pumps can do better? This idea is quickly moving from concept to reality as a new variable speed heat pump (VSHP) product class emerges.

Variable speed heat pumps (VSHPs) are now available for the residential heating market and can be installed directly as central air conditioner (CAC) replacements. With this new product category, homeowners no longer need to replace both their CAC and furnace at the same time to enjoy efficient VSHP technologies.

Potential benefits of these new VSHPs include wide applicability, lower upfront costs that increase accessibility, and improved efficiency over standard ACs. In this webinar, we will share results from a recent field study of more than 30 heat pumps installed as AC replacements in IL. We will cover the basics of this product category, discuss best practices, and review feedback from the participating project homeowners.

Applying the lessons learned from this field study could help cost effectively accelerate the displacement of outdated ACs in favor of beneficial heat pumps for all. Homeowners, designers, contractors, and others can learn about this exciting new heat pump technology. Also one of our speakers has personally removed their AC and paired it with their existing gas furnace and will share their results of this.

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