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Home Performance: How to Prove it’s Safe: Gas Water Heater, Furnace, or Boiler 5-Point Combustion Testing



In this video, Corbett Lunsford demonstrate how to test a gas-fired appliance for safety.

  • It’s not kindergarten stuff, testing home performance, but it’s certainly not rocket science either. Here’s a quick demo of how a few simple tests can prove that any gas-fired appliance is safe in a home and pinpoint exactly what might be wrong. Stop guessing- proof is possible.
  • Combustible gas leakage
  • Combustion closet depressurization
  • Spillage of combustion gas
  • Combustion gas analysis
  • Draft pressure in the chimney

This is an excerpt from Season Two of ‘Home Diagnosis’ series on PBS, episode 207- watch the whole episode about fire at:

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