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TruTech Tools: Building HVAC Science Podcast



Bill Spohn & Eric Kaiser delve into the latest advancements in HVAC technology, offer practical tips for improving building performance, and provide a platform for industry leaders to share their insights.

Building HVAC Science – Comfort, Health and Energy Efficiency

Hosted by:
Eric Kaiser – Industry Engagement Manager &
Bill Spohn Sr. – President, CEO, and Co-Owner

Uncover the secrets of healthy, comfortable, and energy-efficient buildings with the Building HVAC Science podcast.

Join HVAC and building performance experts Eric Kaiser and Bill Spohn, Sr., as they delve into the fascinating world of building science and HVAC diagnostics.

From exploring the latest advancements in measurement technology to examining the impact of building science and proper HVAC design and installation on human health and safety, this podcast is your one-stop shop for learning about all things in the built environment.

In each episode, you’ll gain valuable insights from industry leaders and discover practical tips for changing the way you approach your work.

Whether you’re a homeowner, facility manager, building performance or HVAC professional, this podcast is essential listening for anyone who cares about creating healthy, comfortable, and energy-efficient buildings.

Here’s what you can expect from the Building HVAC Science podcast:

  • In-depth discussions on a wide range of building science and HVAC topics
  • Interviews with experts from across the industry
  • Practical tips for improving your building’s performance
  • Insights into the latest advancements in HVAC technology
  • The occasional random topic

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