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BPI Continuing Education Units (CEUS)


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All CEU Packages are BPI-Approved for CEU Credit. We have 2 BPI CEU package to 30 BPI CEU package


All CEU Packages are BPI-Approved for CEU Credit. We have 2 BPI CEU package to 30 BPI CEU package

  • No Studying! No Exams! No Risk! By earning 30 CEUs you are exempt from BPI’s written recertification exams. Do you really want to study, pay for, and risk failing your BPI exams?
  • Watch Courses on YOUR Schedule. Access your course 24×7 from anywhere you have internet – even on your phone!
  • Affordable, Engaging Online Courses. You’ll learn lots of great stuff you can use in the field, and your course(s) may qualify you for additional certifications or continuing education credits (for RESNET, NATE, etc). All for less than you’d pay to take your BPI exams!

…We’ll even upload your CEU credits to your BPI Portal within 48 hours of course completion. It’s that easy!

From 2 BPI CEU credits to 30 BPI CEU credits, there is a package to meet your requirements. See available packages below:

30 BPI CEU Package
28 BPI CEU Package
24 BPI CEU Package
18 BPI CEU Package
16 BPI CEU Package
14 BPI CEU Package
12 BPI CEU Package
10 BPI CEU Package
8 BPI CEU Package
6 BPI CEU Package
4 BPI CEU Package
2 BPI CEU Package
Individual Courses for CEU Credit

This is the easiest way to earn your BPI CEU credits. Anywhere, anytime. And you have 90 days to complete your online courses. Forget trying to schedule time during your busy day to attend boring sessions only to earn 1 or 2 credits. You’ll gain valuable knowledge that you can apply in the field, and earn additional certifications to boost your credibility (exams sold separately). Sit back, relax and enjoy your training!

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BPI Building Analyst-Tech Training & Testing

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Snugg Pro Energy Modeling and Auditing Software

This course is a comprehensive training for Snugg Pro energy modeling and auditing software.
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Insight Property Services: BPI Building Science Principles

This in-person course teaches core Building Science Principles. This non-technical BPI certificate is the first step toward understanding and improving whole-house building performance and is now a prerequisite course for more advanced BPI certifications.