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Home Performance for Tiny Spaces


A photo of a the interior on a tiny home.

In this video lecture course, you'll learn about all of the successes and failures of the world's highest performance tiny house on wheels.

You won’t see much about building science on tiny house TV shows or the internet- so where do you turn for advice? Now you have HOME PERFORMANCE FOR TINY SPACES!

In this 4-module video lecture course, you’ll hear about all of the performance successes and failures of the world’s highest performance tiny house on wheels, the #TinyLab. You’ll hear interviews, see design and construction videos, and complete downloadable worksheets to help you make your own tiny space fit your performance needs.

  • MODULE 1: Control and the Basics of Building Science
  • MODULE 2: The Enclosure
  • MODULE 3: The Engines
  • MODULE 4: Bells and Whistles

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