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Provisional HERS Rater Mentorship


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BER offers Provisional Rater Certification Mentorship for clients who successfully pass our Rater Training, or who have passed their training elsewhere.

After successful completion of the RESNET training course, the prospective rater is ready to complete Provisional Rater Certification Mentorship with a Provider in order to be mentored through five provisional ratings under the supervision and direction of the Provider.

BER offers Provisional Rater Certification Mentorship for clients who successfully pass our Rater Training, or who have passed their training elsewhere. The benefit of working with BER for your Provisional Rater Certification Mentorship is that we are dedicated to giving our Provisional Raters the best education possible, so that they will be ready to work with clients upon completing their certification. To ensure that our you are fully trained, we combine a rigorous education in using energy modeling software with actual hands-on field mentorship, so we’re confident in your abilities to succeed, and so are you.

Provisional Rater Certification Mentorship includes:

  1. Provisional Ratings: 5 provisional HERS ratings: includes one-on-one field mentoring for two homes, two sets of house plans and specifications for two rating from plans, and grading of all 5 Provisional Ratings (homes to be selected & scheduled by student).
  2. Mentoring: Mentoring process for completion of all 5 ratings, via one field visit, email and phone support. Mentorship license is valid for 6 months and may be extended for an additional 6 months.
  3. Energy Modeling license: includes 6-month training sub-license to students’ choice of REM/Rate or Ekotrope energy modeling software.
  4. HERS Rater Certificate upon completion of all certification requirements.
  5. Membership: includes the following:
    • 6 months of membership in the BER HERS Rating Providership, including BER’s industry-leading technical support.
    • BER Rater Portal account, with access to all HERS rating tools and resources

Provisional mentorship includes two ratings to be done from the comfort of your home and three field ratings to complete at homes of your choosing.

The package price for all of the above is $1,349.

If you are interested in a payment plan, we can schedule one for you.

Discount pricing is available for BER HERS rater members.

An additional $100 discount may be applied for HERS rater candidates who submit one probationary rating completed and evaluated by a certified candidate field assessor during HERS rater training.

Call us at 1-800-399-9620

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