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WELL AP Exam Prep Course


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The course provides an introduction to WELL and the WELL certification process and covers all 7 WELL concepts, WELL features and requirements, and extensive exam tips.

The course provides an introduction to WELL and the WELL certification process and covers all 7 WELL concepts, WELL features and requirements, and extensive exam tips.

Developed and delivered by one of the green building industry’s foremost experts, this engaging multimedia course includes practice exam questions, as well as phone and email access to an instructor to answer your questions.

Topics covered

  • Introduction to WELL
  • WELL Certification Process
  • The Value of WELL
  • WELL Categories
  • Air
  • Water
  • Nourish
  • Light
  • Fitness
  • Comfort
  • Mind
  • Next Steps
  • Additional Things to Know
  • Exam Tips

We know you’re busy with work, family commitments and everything else in life – that’s why we offer you the freedom of online exam preparation. You can study on your own schedule, whenever you have some time. Just log into your course whenever you have some time, stop when you need to, then pick it up right where you left off last time. Didn’t understand something? Go back to review any content as needed. If you still don’t get it, call or email an instructor for clarification. We’re here for you, to help you pass your exam. 

Why Choose Green Training USA?

Here are 14 reasons why we think our training beats the competition every time. From our Best Price Guarantee to our 100% Success Guarantee, we’ve got you covered every step of the way!

  1. Our Unique Blend of Online and Onsite Course Delivery
  2. High Quality Instruction
  3. Self-Paced Learning
  4. Live Support
  5. Start NOW
  6. No Travel Required
  7. Hands-On Training Near You
  8. High Pass Rate
  9. 100% Success Guarantee
  10. Complete Course Packages
  11. Real World Business Experience
  12. Multiple Certifications at Once
  13. Post-Training Support
  14. Best Price Guarantee



Success and Satisfaction Guarantee


We Beat Any Advertised Price…From Any Competitor…Anytime


No Matter What Happens We’ve Got Your BackOur students have over a 90% first-time pass rate for certification exams, but should you not pass for whatever reason, you have unlimited access to all of your online training course and supplementary materials with no additional charge for as long as you require it. You also get continued email and phone support access to our staff and instructors. 


Certificates & Credit Uploads Within 48 Hours We will email your certificate(s) of course completion or upload credits to your BPI Portal within 48 hours of your request (providing all required information). If we exceed 48 hours, you will receive $25 off your next purchase. With Green Training USA, you will never need to chase credits or certificates. Guaranteed!

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Credit(s) earned on completion of this course will be reported to AIA CES for AIA members. Certificates of Completion for both AIA members and non-AIA members are downloadable from the user dashboard.