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If you see this, your BPA membership access is restricted due to expired membership or membership status.

  1. Lapsed Renewal/Expired Membership
    • Expired Membership: If your BPA membership has expired, you can regain access to membership content by rejoining as a BPA member here.
    • Lapsed Renewal or Credit Card Failure: If your membership was not able to renew due to your card on file, you can follow these steps here to update:
      • You can access your account by clicking the green Profile button in the upper right corner. Once there, click "Manage My Subscriptions."
      • Click Update and update your credit card info.
      • Your membership renewal will be updated within 48 - 72 hours.
      • If you pay by check, reach out to Gypsy Matlak ( to arrange payment.
  2. Basic Membership
    • Basic Membership: As a free, basic member, you have limited access to member content. To gain full access to member-exclusive content, update to a paid level here.

Reach out to Robyn Hall ( for questions or assistance.