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Sub Accounts Set Up

As a company member, your employees can experience the benefits of the Building Performance Association right along with you.

NOTE: If your employees already have an ACTIVE membership under another level, i.e., professional, you will not be able to add employees as sub-accounts. Reach out to Robyn Hall to add these employees for you manually.

To get your sub-accounts set up, please follow the instructions below:

1. Sign in to your Building Performance Association account by clicking this link. 

screenshot of login page on

2. Access your account by clicking “Profile” in the top right corner.

screenshot of website navigation profile outlined on

3. Once in your account, click “Subscriptions.”

screenshot of account page with subscriptions outlined on

4. In subscriptions, you’ll see your membership information, renewal date, and active status. In the last column, click “Sub Accounts.”

screenshot of account page with sub accounts outlined on

5. On the Sub Accounts page, you’ll see your corporate account information, including the number of allotted sub accounts that you’ve used. Parent accounts have three ways to add users:

OPTION 1: "Add Sub Account"

screenshot of account profile sub accounts on

This option allows you to type in an existing email for the sub account for the user you’re trying to add. If this is a sub account you’ve had with BPA before, type in their email. You can also add non existing users quickly by adding their username, email, first and last name. For new members, you can choose to send them a welcome email. Once done, don’t forget to hit submit.

OPTION 2. Signup URL

sub account signup url

The signup URL is a quick and easy way to get your sub accounts added. Copy the link provided within your account and share with your employees that you want to be added. Those signing up with this link will be automatically added to your account.

OPTION 3. Import Sub Accounts via CSV

import sub accounts via csv screenshot

Finally, parents have the option to upload a CSV file. Depending on the number of people you’re trying to upload, we recommend the first two options before uploading a CSV file. If you wish to upload a csv file, please follow the format found here exactly for successful uploading.

If you have additional questions about adding sub accounts, or if you’re not seeing your existing sub accounts, please reach out to BPA Customer Service Manager, Robyn Hall at, for assistance on adding them. We look forward to providing you and your business with continued industry resources and opportunities!