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A graphic for 2022 Clean Energy for Homes Conference and Trade Show.

2022 Clean Energy for Homes Conference & Trade Show Recap

June 3, 2022

Thanks to everyone who joined us June 1-2 in Saratoga Springs, New York, for two days of education and networking. This in-person event included live sessions and content relevant to New York’s climate, housing stock, and industry trends.

Click Here to Download Session Slides | Click Here to See the Agenda

Featured Conference Speakers

Doreen Harris
President and CEO, NYSERDA
Courtney Moriarta
Director of Single Family Residential, NYSERDA
Emily Dean
Director of Market Development, NYSERDA

30 Exhibitors Joined us at the Trade Show

Our in-person trade show gave attendees a look at the latest products, services, and innovations in the industry. Thanks to the following exhibitors who joined us:

Blevins, BPCA-NYS, Building Performance Institute, CleanFiber, CLEAResult, Dandelion Energy, Dettson / D-VAC, EFI, Embertec, Energy Catalyst Technologies, Enertech Global, GreenHomes America, Healthy Indoors Magazine, Home Depot, ICF, IDI Distributors, McQuade and Bannigan, Mitsubishi Electric Heating and Air Conditioning, National Energy Improvement Fund, National Grid, NYSERDA, Panasonic, Retrotec, ROCKWOOL, Slipstream EFS, Tamarack Ventilation, TEC, TruTech Tools, VP Supply Corp, Yellow Dog Creative, ZONEFIRST Zone Controls

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