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Dec 20, 2021

BPI Announces Site Supervisor Certification

BPI has launched the Site Supervisor Certificate, a credential for worksite supervisors in retrofitting activities. The certificate establishes a baseline of competency for worksite supervisors and ensures that installation crews have a leader on site with the knowledge and real-world experience to perform tasks to industry standards. Obtained through a written exam and prerequisite experience documentation, the certificate helps contractors control costs, protect quality, and reduce callbacks, while ensuring customer satisfaction and quality of work.

A male builder is talking into a walkie talkie while holding a laptop on a construction site.

BPI is proud to announce the launch of the Site Supervisor Certificate, available now.

The Site Supervisor Certificate is a credential for workers who supervise and assist in the retrofitting activities included in the scope of work. It identifies worksite supervisors who have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to ensure customer satisfaction and quality of work.

“Callbacks are the bane of contractors’ existence – and their livelihood. The Site Supervisor credential was designed to provide contractors and customers with peace of mind, knowing that the job was done right,” says BPI CEO Larry Zarker.

The Site Supervisor Certificate establishes a baseline of competency for worksite supervisors without adding undue burden to the contractor. It is obtained through the successful completion of a written exam and documentation of prerequisite experience.

Developed at the request of efficiency programs and contractors, the SSC will ensure that installation crews have a leader on-site with the knowledge and real-world experience to perform their tasks to meet industry standards.

The certificate process is designed to be accessible and affordable while maintaining that high-quality work is performed.

“Customers should feel confident that their home will be safer and more comfortable after a contractor’s work is done,” says BPI National Technical Director John Jones. “Assigning someone on the worksite to be accountable for crew safety, quality of the installed measures, and test out and job closeout procedures is an important piece of the quality management system. Contractors can reduce costly callbacks, ensure greater profits, and enjoy happier customers by having someone with this credential on staff.”

The Certificate shows that the worker is competent to lead interactions with the client, manage personnel, and ensure that job site work and installation are completed in a safe and effective manner. Suitable responsibilities are accountability for quality control, documentation, and assuring that all work is completed to applicable industry standards and specifications.

The Site Supervisor Certificate helps contractors control costs and protect quality by clarifying roles, assigning responsibilities, and creating channels of accountability on the job site. It is a powerful way for technicians to show leadership ability and readiness for professional growth.

Please see for more information and to apply for the Certificate.

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