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Apr 29, 2024

Celebrating Women in Weatherization: Fanni Azueta

From the very beginning of WAP’s history, women have been a driving force in weatherization, saving families money and making homes healthier and safer.

Fanni Azueta – Energy Services Manager, California

How did you first get interested and involved in weatherization?

Fanni Azueta

“I initially ventured into weatherization, seeking a more stimulating role beyond my routine tasks. The weatherization manager recognized my potential and graciously mentored me, sparking my journey in this field.”

Tell us about your current and past roles in weatherization.

“I began my journey in the Weatherization Assistance Program as a billing clerk, where I collaborated closely with assessors, contractors, and inspectors. Through this role, I gained invaluable insights into the program’s intricacies and operations, including knowledge of contracts and technical resource manuals. Over time, I leveraged this experience to progress within the program, ultimately attaining a managerial position. This journey has equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of the WAP, from its administrative aspects to its on-the-ground implementation, empowering me to contribute effectively as a leader.”

What is it like being a woman in weatherization? Advantages? Challenges?

“Navigating the weatherization field as a woman has its unique dynamics. One challenge I encounter is occasional skepticism from male colleagues questioning my expertise. However, my dedication and hands-on experience swiftly dispel any doubts, earning me respect within the WAP community. On the bright side, being a woman in weatherization presents opportunities to foster strong connections with fellow professionals, both at the state and federal levels. This supportive network not only amplifies my voice but also facilitates collaboration and knowledge-sharing, enriching my contributions to the field.”

Why do you work in weatherization? What about your job makes you excited to go to work in the morning?

“I am drawn to working in weatherization because of the sense of purpose it provides. What excites me each morning is the opportunity to collaborate with a fantastic team and to lead by example. Knowing that our efforts directly contribute to the safety and comfort of families in our community fills me with a deep sense of fulfillment. It’s incredibly rewarding to know that we’re making a tangible difference in people’s lives, ensuring that they can feel secure and comfortable in their own homes.”

Do you have advice for other women interested in joining the weatherization field.

“My advice for women considering a career in weatherization is to remain dedicated in their pursuit, despite any discouragement or intimidation they may encounter. It’s essential to remember that learning in this field is a continual process, and no one expects you to master everything overnight. Stand firm in your abilities and beliefs, and trust in your capacity to learn and grow. Embrace each challenge as an opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills, and never hesitate to advocate for yourself and your contributions. With determination and perseverance, you can thrive in the weatherization field and make a meaningful impact.”

This article originally appeared in the NASCSP blog and is republished with permission.

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