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Dec 28, 2020

DOE Weatherization Assistance Program Update

Information on the DOE's update to the weatherization assistance program.

By: Michaela Manfull

A storm blows in over the field in the distance.

In an ongoing effort to maintain communication with the weatherization community, DOE’s Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) will convey new training resources, recently issued Weatherization Program Notices (WPNs) and Weatherization Memoranda, and other relevant information in this feature . . . in case you missed it.

WPNs and WAP Memorandums

On December 4th, DOE issued WPN 21-1: Program Year 2021 Weatherization Grant Application to follow-up on Weatherization Memorandum 069: Program Year (PY) 2021 Weatherization Assistance Program Draft Application Package. Given the disruption to standard WAP operations in calendar year 2020, the release of the WAP Grant Application two to three weeks earlier than in previous years is a welcome move toward preparing for PY2021.

WAP Memorandum 070: Standard Work Specification (SWS) 2020 Update, Field Guide Renewal Dates and Changes, and Variance Requests lays out the 2020 SWS updates and improvements (including a new SWS website, overview webinar, and maintenance page) all adopted on September 1st, 2020 (and supersedes previous WAP Memoranda 32, 39, and 48). The 5-year cycle of SWS-aligned field guides also began on September 1st, with the compete 2020 update change log providing a foundation for Grantee field guides updates. Finally, an additional upshot of the 2020 SWS update is resolution of many previously noted conflicts. As a result, the Grantee need to submit Variance Requests (VR) will likely reduce markedly.

Weatherization Memorandum 071: Allowable Use of Training Funds for 2021 National Home performance Hybrid (In Person and Virtual) Conference encouraged Grantees and Subgrantees to utilize fund to attend the National Home Performance Conference and Trade Show April 12-15, 2021. Note costs related to either Conference (in-person or virtual) are allowable as a WAP Training and Technical Assistance (T&TA) expense. Through both options, Grantees and Subgrantees may attend the conference in a safe and appropriate manner, while adhering to applicable travel restrictions.

For more about WPNs and WAP Memorandums, see

Training Resources

“COVID-19 Workplace Safety 2020” has a pending update due for release in early 2021 and is available under Training for WAP Administrative Professionals ( The course offers training for Grantees, Subgrantees, Subcontractors, and Weatherization Training Centers returning to field operations.

Other Information

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is working on updates to the Weatherization Assistant online audit software. Full migration from the desktop (Ver 8.9) to the online (Ver 10) is scheduled for Plan Year 2022. Look for updates on the progress at in early 2021.

You can receive an email when the latest WPNs and WAP Memorandums are issued by signing up on the WAP webpage (

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Michaela Manfull

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