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Mar 1, 2022

Notes from the HVACR Training Symposium 2022

From February 17th to 19th, the 3rd annual HVAC/R Training Symposium was held in sunny Clermont, Florida, sponsored by ACCUTOOLS and TruTech Tools and hosted by Kalos Services' co-founder and president, Brian Orr. The event drew a diverse group of forward-thinking individuals from the HVAC industry, including technicians, engineers, educators, mentors, and tool professionals. Participants learned about new technology, sales and methodologies, and building science, and were inspired to improve their processes and efficiency. The focus was on the people and the processes that drive the industry forward, and the camaraderie amongst the facilitators set the tone for the entire event. This was an HVAC revolution, and the future looks bright as demand for education and industry infrastructure grows.

By: Zave Walter

A man is working on an air conditioning unit.

From February 17th to 19th, I attended the 3rd annual HVAC/R Training Symposium in sunny Clermont, Florida. The event was sponsored by ACCUTOOLS and TruTech Tools and hosted by Brian Orr, co-founder and president at Kalos Services.

Participants included Ed Janowiak, Russell King, Bill and Billy Spohn, Jim Bergmann, Kevin Hart, Chris Stephens, Nate Adams, Joe Medosch, Sam Meyers, Steve Rogers, Genry Garcia, Nathan Orr, Anthony Cox, Franco Daino, Mark Hucko, and so many more. This was the largest gathering of forward-thinking individuals from a diverse swath of the HVAC industry.

I was immediately impressed by the new technology, a more detailed emphasis on science, and willingness to learn how to be better technicians. Sales and methodologies are evolving rapidly, and the market conditions are fierce for these professionals keeping one step ahead of the consumer. There is an entire crew of educators, mentors, tool professionals, engineers, practitioners helping lift an entire industry that has been upended by labor struggles, supply problems, technological evolution, consumer demands, and subsidized programs.

Never in my career have I seen so much visibility for blower doors and building science being brought in the right way, to the right people. Terms like thermodynamics, Sandler sales, enthalpy, dew point, and commissioning landed into the toolboxes of experts from across the country. Homes and buildings are getting tighter, we can move energy much more efficiently in any climate, and its expensive to run a business.

One of the best parts of the entire event was the focus on things that matter more than anything else: the people and the processes. Every business owner left the event inspired and they will take back what the learned—and save a ton of money in efficiency and call-backs. The camaraderie amongst the core facilitators set the stage for the entire event, and it was obvious they were there because they are thankful and wanted to help others succeed.

This was an HVAC revolution, and everybody was drinking the Kool-Aid even if they didn’t want to. I’m excited to see what the next few years look like for this event as demand rises and industry infrastructure grows. There is no doubt that herein lies the future of the heating and air business.

Zave Walter
State Outreach Coordinator

Zave Walter is the State Outreach Coordinator for the Building Performance Association. Zave has more than a decade of experience conducting energy audits, air sealing, and whole-home retrofits under the Home Performance with Energy Star Program. One of his greatest passions is helping others understand the value of making homes more comfortable, safe, and efficient.

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