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Feb 21, 2024

Meet Jasmine Knowlin, a Person With a Passion for People

As a minority in the utility field, Knowlin has learned how to be “unapologetically loud”—here’s her experience and advice for others like her.

By: Macie Melendez

Jasmine Knowlin

Jasmine Knowlin is a Customer Advocate for Rochester Gas and Electric (RG&E). Founded in 1848, RG&E serves a nine-county region centered on the City of Rochester, New York. Knowlin has been with RG&E for the past eight years.

As a Customer Advocate at RG&E, Knowlin has a long list of responsibilities, including:

  • assisting customers who are unable to pay their bills,
  • ensuring field compliance with HEFPA,
  • administering the company’s critical customer program,
  • serving as liaison with local departments of social services and other agencies,
  • assisting in the promotion of the company’s low-income program, and
  • handling at-risk customers during emergencies.

But if you ask her, she’ll say, “My purpose is people.” A woman dedicated to helping people in any way possible, Knowlin is continuously looking for ways to improve her company’s processes and services to better assist its customers.

Another aspect of Knowlin’s job is to ensure that customers are aware of the energy efficiency programs and services that RG&E offers, as well as any outside resources and tips available to assist in energy efficiency, including rebates. “As an Advocate, I host and attend various outreach events in communities to provide this information,” says Knowlin. “I’ve also had the privilege of assisting on-site in several new home projects with Habitat for Humanity.”

Jasmine Knowlin at work during a Habitat for Humanity project build.

To connect with customers around energy efficiency, RG&E uses social media, news media, email, and mailings. “I’ve found one of the most effective and measurable ways I’ve connected with customers though is via community outreach—going to them!” she says.

Knowlin previously attended college for elementary education and general business; however, she’s currently pursuing a degree in social work.

Outside of RG&E, she’s the founder of a small business called Painting With Pooka, in which she promotes positive mental health through art therapy and positive affirmations by conducting art therapy sessions and hosting guided painting sessions for events and individuals.

Knowlin also serves as an accountability/motivational coach to other women. “In this group, I assist in providing various local and national resources for everything from financial literacy, homeownership, and mental health resources as well as hosting seasonal women’s spiritual retreats and weekly book club meetings,” she explains.

But that’s not all. Knowlin is also part of a mentoring program called Pillars of Hope. This is a partnership Between the City of Rochester and the Rochester City School District. Pillars of Hope is made up of local African American and Latinx professionals in the community who may be in the field of teaching, utility, pastors, corporate business, engineering, law, mechanical repairs, medicine, and more.

This volunteer group visits Rochester City School District schools to share their experiences and provide support and mentoring to the students. “Pillars of Hope reconnects our community’s role models with our community’s children by sharing a simple message of hope: ‘We’ve done it, and so can you,’” she says. RG&E supports this initiative and donates $15 per volunteer hour to the school district.

Jasmine Knowlin speaking at the Women in Building Performance Networking Breakfast hosted by CleanFiber at BPA’s Clean Energy for Homes conference in New York.

With many years of experience in the industry, Knowlin has learned some lessons she’d like to share. “Being a minority in the utility field has taught me to be unapologetically loud,” she says. “No one is going to seek you out. You must speak up with your ideas and make them and your contributions known.”

Recently, Knowlin was part of a panel at BPA’s Clean Energy for Homes Conference in Saratoga Springs in a session about targeting outreach in disadvantaged communities. She also gave an inspirational speech at the event’s Women in Building Performance Networking Breakfast.  

Knowlin advises other women in the industry to keep learning and take job-related courses to continually grow and improve their skills. Additionally, she places great value on everyday communication. “Every interaction with anyone is an opportunity to learn something,” she says.

Meet the Author

Macie Melendez

Editor in Chief, BPA Journal

Macie Melendez is Editor In Chief at the BPA Journal. In this role, she oversees the entire online publication. The Editor In Chief is responsible for managing all content and ushering each blog, article, and sponsored content through the full process from content acquisition and editing to final publication. She previously worked at the former Home Energy magazine where she started as Assistant Editor and worked her way up to Executive Editor before pursuing a freelance writing career.

Macie has been a writer and editor for two decades, working in various mediums from print magazines and newspapers to online education and script writing. She is passionate about the written word and helping the planet—even if that comes in the form of editing. Macie holds a BA degree in English from San Diego State University.


  1. Maria Lewis on February 21, 2024 at 1:57 pm

    Meeting Jasmine Knowlin at the Regional BPA Conference was such a pleasure. I attended a session on the panel representing her company and again at the breakfast.

    Jasmine, keep bringing a positive atmosphere and continue to help us breathe. Reminding us to take a full breath to help us relax and stay mentally healthy! Thank you again

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