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Sep 27, 2022

National Solar Tour Kicks Off This Weekend

The ASES National Solar Tour is hosted Oct. 1-2, 2022, in person and virtually.


The largest annual grassroots solar and sustainable living event will occur both in-person and virtually on October 1-2, 2022, and online through January 2023. The ASES National Solar Tour is a collection of Local Solar Tours, in addition to single Solar Sites across the country that feature solar and sustainable technologies. Solar Sites can be homes, businesses, community solar arrays, EVs, or any other locale featuring solar and sustainable features. The National Solar Tour is the perfect opportunity for local solar and sustainability enthusiasts to come together and share their unique solar and sustainability stories with others while promoting solar adoption and sustainable living. Check out all the virtual events and events happening near you at and RSVP to all the events you are interested in attending!

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