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Mar 30, 2021

Book Review: “Quality Without Tears”

John Tooley reviews the book Quality Without Tears by Philip Crosby.

By: John Tooley

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This is the fourth in my book review series I’ve written for the Building Performance eJournal. The books I write about in this series are books that have changed my life and have given me guidance during good and hard times. I am blessed to have many mentors, and I hope these books can help others achieve their full potential.

I am very partial towards Philip Crosby. He established the Quality College in Winter Park, Florida. My company (Natural Florida Retrofit) was in Orlando, just next door and he had a strong influence on my life and career. Phillip B. Crosby has had 39 years of hands-on experience as a quality management professional and an executive. In 1979, he founded Phillip Crosby Associates, Inc. (PCA), which became the world’s largest quality management consulting firm. Each year 20,000 executives and managers attend the Quality College of PCA.

“Quality Without Tears—The Art of Hassle Free Management” shows how he helped hundreds of companies, large and small, to achieve quality and eliminate hassle. He helped this honorable goal without compromising team moral and customer satisfaction.

He begins with the profile of companies that always have problems with quality and discusses why most companies fail in improvement. The book covers all the ingredients necessary and administer the quality vaccine. The book shows—in clear, down to-earth, and logical manner—exactly what is involved in making improvement happen.

John Tooley

John Tooley is a building science consultant and owner of his company John Tooley, LLC. Regarded as a pioneer in the world of energy efficiency, Tooley has trained countless builders and contractors, and frequently gives keynote addresses at national conferences. He is recognized for his contributions to many of the largest utility and building programs in the nation.

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