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Apr 22, 2022

The Importance of Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day, BPA is emphasizing the importance of creating energy-efficient, comfortable, healthy, and safe indoor environments in every building. This belief extends to educating children about the significance of energy efficiency and environmental health. Lucy Aronoff, a fifth-grader at Ingomar Elementary School in Pittsburgh, PA, shares her thoughts on why Earth Day is important and her fear of the potential consequences of climate change. Lucy hopes that people will become more educated about the Earth and take the time to care for it. Her vision for the future is a healthy Earth with people who make a positive impact on climate change. With a passion for science and technology, Lucy dreams of becoming an astronaut when she grows up.

Photo of an Earth that appears as a glass orb growing from the ground.

Editor’s Note: Here at BPA, it is our belief that every single building should provide an energy-efficient, comfortable, healthy, and safe indoor environment. We represent the professionals who work to make that happen and support the policies that can expand our industry. But it’s not just about adults. We also believe that the importance of energy efficiency and health should be taught to our children. So, today, on Earth Day, we’re letting our planet’s future speak for themselves. This article was written by Lucy Aronoff, a 5th grader at Ingomar elementary school in Pittsburgh, PA.

Why is Earth Day Important?

When I first heard about Earth Day, I found that it was very interesting. I think it is a great idea to celebrate the Earth. It is important to have a day to learn and take care of the Earth, but Earth Day is every day. We need to be thinking about our planet every time we turn on a car or flip a switch.

If it wasn’t for the Earth, we wouldn’t be here. That’s why it is so important to take care of it. This is our only chance to live on a planet like this. It we don’t take care of it, it will be gone, and so will our home—but not only our home, also the clean air that we enjoy. This is why Earth Day is so important. We want to look forward to helping our planet. It is a day to learn, love, and take care of the Earth.

A fear I have about climate change is that if we don’t make changes to protect the Earth, storms will get worse, and the oceans will rise…our cities will be flooded. There will be more insect invasions and our plants will be damaged, by heat and by the insects. There will be more wildfires, causing animals to be closer to humans. The wildfires could kill the insects, but that would hurt our biodiversity deeply. Deforestation is a big problem; trees help with oxygen purification.

I hope that people will learn more about the Earth. I hope that people will spend their time together taking care of the Earth. I hope that people teach their kids that the Earth is important and they should take care of it.

My vision for the future is a healthy Earth full of people that take time to care, and who learn how to make a positive impact on climate change.

Lucy Aronoff has a passion for science and technology and wants to be an astronaut when she grows up. She enjoys the outdoors, swimming, riding bikes and hanging with friends. In her free time, you can find Lucy at the dog park with her border collie, Callie, or making YouTube videos of her three cats, Jerry, Ginger, and Donut. Lucy is the oldest sister to her brother Adam, 10, and Evy, 7.

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