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Apr 7, 2024

Weatherization Workforce Gets a Boost: New Platform Connects Contractors and Job Seekers to Opportunities

A newly launched initiative, Green Workforce Connect, will support workforce growth in the Weatherization Assistance Program and help more low-income households make their homes more energy efficient.

By: Pagan Poggione

There is increasing demand across the country for a new generation of employees and contractors to support the Weatherization Assistance Program. The U.S. Department of Energy’s Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) agencies hire professionals and contractors to help families lower their energy bills and save money, increase their health and safety, and reduce stress on the electric grid. Yet even as such jobs are in high demand, weatherization providers are struggling to fill open positions or connect with qualified contractors.

A newly launched initiative, Green Workforce Connect, will support workforce growth in the Weatherization Assistance Program and help more low-income households make their homes more energy efficient. As the program grows, Green Workforce Connect aims to launch the careers of new home energy professionals and connect contractors to new business opportunities. The platform places particular emphasis on creating opportunities for professionals and contractors from diverse backgrounds and underrepresented groups.

Filling the growing need for skilled labor presents a challenge. Many job seekers are unaware of the career opportunities in weatherization or why this work might be a good fit for their skills and goals. Additionally, those with an interest in this sector may struggle to find open opportunities or local training. Green Workforce Connect was launched to bridge this skilled labor gap and ensure a robust home energy workforce.

Connecting the Dots Between Key Workforce Stakeholders

Green Workforce Connect isn’t a job board; it’s a comprehensive platform designed to connect job seekers, students, and contractors with local training providers and employers in the Weatherization Assistance Program. It supports the growth of the energy efficiency sector and has many benefits for stakeholders across the weatherization network—from job seekers and contractors to the weatherization agencies seeking new employees and training programs serving the industry. In this article, we detail how different audiences can leverage the platform to meet their workforce and career goals.

Green Workforce Connect prioritizes reaching new and diverse audiences, including women, minorities, and other groups who have traditionally been underrepresented in these skilled trades pathways. This commitment not only promotes inclusivity within the industry but also broadens the talent base to meet escalating demands. Our workforce development initiatives are dedicated to bridging connections between job seekers and contractors who reflect the rich diversity of local communities, ensuring representation and responsiveness to their unique needs.

For students and job seekers, the platform offers interactive features like a career quiz to assess the fit of a weatherization career, along with detailed job role information, including details about career pathways and nationally recognized certifications that help users assess their suitability for weatherization careers. This allows individuals to explore their options and make informed decisions about their career paths. Additionally, by increasing transparency into this important field, and centralizing information that has historically been dispersed across many different sources, the platform assists in attracting new talent, especially those unfamiliar with the industry.

For contractors, the platform provides detailed information about the types of tasks and services contractors might provide to support the delivery of weatherization program services in their area. A particular highlight is the newly released Contractor’s Guide to Success, which positions contractors to capitalize on the burgeoning growth in the Weatherization Assistance Program. Green Workforce Connect also provides access to commonly requested program information and resources, and a convenient way for contractors to make direct connections to program providers and training centers in their area.

Connecting Contractors to Opportunities

While Green Workforce Connect connects contractors to employers with bid opportunities in the Weatherization Assistance Program, its commitment extends far beyond facilitating these introductions. The Contractor’s Guide to Success is a cornerstone of this dedication, offering comprehensive and valuable resources specifically designed to empower contractors and propel their businesses forward.

The Contractor’s Guide to Success, viewable on the Green Workforce Connect website, equips both new and established contractors with the knowledge and strategies needed to excel within the Weatherization Assistance Program. The guide simplifies the process of understanding how the program works. It includes clear overviews of program installation processes, quality assurance documentation, and training and certifications. It also houses a wide variety of supplemental downloads to support contractors’ success, including:

IREC and our partners hope you’ll come to view the Contractor’s Guide to Success as a trusted reference throughout the Weatherization Assistance Program application or bid process and your ongoing business journey. The guide provides a step-by-step breakdown of things you’ll likely need to prepare or be aware of to ensure success. It also clarifies program requirements, including general licensing regulations, insurance needs, and experience and skill benchmarks you’ll need on your crew. This allows you to confidently assess your eligibility, and make plans for success, before investing time and resources in the application or bid process.

The Contractor’s Guide to Success is just the beginning of Green Workforce Connect’s commitment to contractor engagement and workforce development. The platform’s Resource Hub offers a variety of resources and ongoing support, including:

  • Workforce development resources about career pathways, job descriptions, job postings, and more!
  • An Outreach and Engagement Toolkit that provides organizations with insights on effective outreach strategies, language, and resources to develop targeted marketing materials to reach diverse audiences with information about weatherization careers.
  • Announcements about webinars and education opportunities so you can learn about trends, best practices, and program updates while exchanging ideas and learning from the experiences of subject matter experts and your peers.

Across the country, the Weatherization Assistance Program has opportunities for contractors interested in providing the following services:

  • Insulation and Air Sealing
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Roofing
  • Home Repairs

The platform currently connects contractors directly to Weatherization Assistance Program providers in many areas of Oklahoma, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. Contractors in areas that do not yet have an agency listed can complete the Contractors Inquiry Form to receive follow up information about program contacts in their area.

With Green Workforce Connect’s comprehensive resources and support, you can be part of growing the weatherization industry, achieve long-term success for your business, and contribute to a more sustainable future for generations to come.

The Green Workforce Connect initiative presents a win-win scenario for both contractors and the Weatherization Assistance Program. Contractors gain access to valuable resources and support, while the industry benefits from a skilled and diverse workforce equipped to meet the growing demand for weatherization services. As the industry continues to flourish, Green Workforce Connect will become a central hub for the energy industry and play a critical role in ensuring its long-term sustainability and positive impact on the environment and communities it serves.

Join IREC to learn more about Green Workforce Connect and the Contractor’s Guide to Success in the following National Home Performance Conference & Trade Show sessions:

  • Effective WAP Program Recruitment: Strategies and Insights 2:30-3:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 9
  • Empowering Contractors in WAP: Contractor’s Guide to Success 4-5 p.m. Wednesday, April 10

Or contact us at

Pagan Poggione

Pagan Poggione is the Director of Strategic Workforce Engagement at the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC). IREC builds the foundation for rapid adoption of clean energy and energy efficiency to benefit people, the economy, and our planet. Its vision is a 100% clean energy future that is reliable, resilient, and equitable. IREC develops and advances the regulatory reforms, technical standards, and workforce and community-based solutions needed to enable the streamlined integration of clean, distributed energy resources. IREC has been trusted for its independent clean energy expertise for over 40 years, since its founding in 1982.

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