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DOE Publishes Outreach, Technical Assistance, and Application Resources

March 14, 2024

An Update from the Office of State & Community Energy Programs:

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has released the following resources to help state and territorial energy offices (SEOs) apply for and implement the Home Energy Rebates:

Education and Outreach Plan Required Elements: DOE is providing this document to help SEOs develop an Education and Outreach Plan for their Rebate grant applications. States may use the document as a template for developing their plans, which are due to DOE 60 days prior to program launch.

DOE has posted a fact sheet to help consumers understand the types of incentives available to them under the Home Energy Rebates. Stakeholders, including SEOs, can use this fact sheet to educate their audiences about the program.

DOE is providing these optional templates to help Tribes apply for their Home Efficiency and Appliance Rebates funding:

Tribal Application Checklist: Tribes may use this checklist to ensure they have completed the application requirements.

Tribal Narrative Document Template: Tribes may use this document to describe their program as part of the application.

Tribal Pre-Award Information Sheet: This template provides a convenient method of documenting the information DOE required from Tribes in support of making the award.

DOE has updated its technical FAQs with the following additions:

  • Can Home Efficiency and Appliance Rebates for insulation or electrical wiring be given in increments?
  • Are portable induction cooktops eligible for a Home Efficiency and Appliance Rebate?
  • Does the Home Efficiency and Appliance Rebates program allow non-ENERGY STAR insulation products?
  • What is a “qualified” contractor, distributor, or retailer?
  • Can states set their own efficiency standards for insulation product types that lack ENERGY STAR-certified products?
  • Can a Tribal member receive a rebate from both the Tribal program and the state where the person resides?

DOE has updated the following resources for states and territories — please use the new versions:

Pre-Award Information Sheet

Budget Justification Workbook Template

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