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Healthy Voting Initiative Reduces Risk of COVID-19 Transmission on Election Day

October 7, 2020

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Katie Miller
Director of Marketing and Communications


Contact: Katie Aronoff
(412) 551-2601

October 7, 2020 – The Building Performance Association has launched a program to optimize ventilation and increase airflow in polling places this Election Day, creating safe and healthy voting spaces across the country.

This program was developed in response to the substantial concern regarding in-person voter safety and the threat of COVID-19 transmission on Nov. 3.

Through this program, BPA member contractors and energy auditors are equipped with educational resources, promotional content, and a checklist to use when completing their services at polling places.

When on-site at polling places, contractors and energy auditors will use a tool called a blower door—a large fan that can temporarily be set up in any typical-sized door frame. The blower door increases air exchange and limits the build-up of concentrations of any indoor contaminant. Contractors across the country have this equipment readily available to install before in-person voting begins.

BPA Board Secretary and industry researcher, Paul Francisco, says, “The potential for airborne transmission and the value of ventilation are currently front-page news. Blower doors have been designed to provide temporary ventilation in buildings and have been used by contractors for over 30 years. This project allows us to apply decades of expertise to improve the safety of in-person voting nationwide.”

Darnell L. Johnson, CEO of Urban Efficiency Group and BPA Board Member, is already working with several communities interested in supporting the program as it provides an extra layer of safety for poll workers and voters. Mr. Johnson says, “As we are all aware, under-resourced communities have been disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our ability to partner with local government and contractors to deliver this program to those with the greatest need is exciting.”


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