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Kansas BPA State Update - November 2022

November 2022 – Kansas Policy Update

November 8, 2022

BPA tracks the latest policy updates and legislative issues in many states across the nation. See the latest policy information for Kansas as of November 2022.

Disclaimer: Inclusion of any bills/regulations in this state policy update does not equate to BPA’s endorsement.

The Kansas Legislature convened for a short veto session in May to hold votes to override the 28 vetoes imposed by Governor Kelly on bills passed this year. The Kansas Legislature ultimately overrode 9 of the 28 vetoes during the voting session. It did not include any action on energy efficiency or clean energy bills. Kansas has also finalized a $16 billion 2022-2023 State budget that provides a boost of funding for new programs to support housing buildout including $20 million for the Moderate Income Housing Program, which provides grants and loans to develop single and multifamily homes.

Meanwhile, the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) is currently reviewing Kansas utility Evergy’s proposed Energy Efficiency Portfolio, which would increase investment in a set of residential and commercial energy efficiency programs for 2023-2026 (more details below).

Regulatory Monitor:

  • In August, KCC held hearings to consider Evergy’s Energy Efficiency Portfolio (EEP) that proposes cost-effective energy and demand savings programs for 2023-2026, as is required by the Kansas Energy Efficiency Investment Act every three years. The EEP includes a suite of energy efficiency programs including weatherization for low-income residents, energy audits to educate customers about their usage, and rebates to encourage customers to invest in more energy-efficient water heaters and air conditioners. In the portfolio, Evergy projects $42 million in net customer savings due to these increased energy efficiency investments that would be supported through ratepayer funds. KCC has not released next steps on Evergy’s EEP which must be approved by KCC before energy efficiency programs can take effect.

Legislative Monitor:

2022 Regular Session Dates: January 10 until May 23.

Bills passed in 2022:

  • SB 267 FY2022 Budget Bill authorizes a total of $16 billion state funding for the 2023 Fiscal Year including $20 million for the Moderate Income Housing Program that provides grants and loans to develop single and multifamily homes and includes $500 million for the state’s “budget stabilization fund” to save balance for later years. The budget bill was signed into law by the Governor in April and took effect on May 1.

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