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Residential Energy Efficiency Industry Gains Support

December 17, 2015

The Building Performance Association and E4TheFuture today announced that the Building Performance Association has received policy and research funding from E4TheFuture. The award is specifically focused on projects and advocacy related to the Clean Power Plan and promoting best practices for cost-effectiveness testing, data standards, weatherization and home performance, among other initiatives. The Building Performance Institute and Home Energy Magazine also received funding.

E4TheFuture Executive Director Steve Cowell said this award marks the first substantial assistance that E4TheFuture has provided as an investment in the future of energy efficiency. This first-year grant of $1.2 million will accelerate collaboration and policy efforts, with potential for future funding based on the success of initial efforts.

“The core goal behind this decision is to bring the residential energy efficiency industry to greater success,” said Cowell. “We are collaborating to bring benefits to a broad spectrum of constituents. HPC serves these constituents across the country with education for those in the industry, along with policy and research work that furthers our cause.”

The Building Performance Association will be able to accomplish key organizational objectives as a result of this funding. Among the benefits are staffing increases, business development and coalition-building.

“Support from E4TheFuture will allow us to leverage more funding and will strengthen our coalition work, as our partners are included in the grant in sub-agreements created to build these partnerships and further the home performance industry,” said HPC President and CEO Brian Castelli.

The Building Performance Institute (BPI) and Home Energy magazine are two strategic HPC partners included as recipients of E4TheFuture funding. BPI CEO Larry Zarker expressed his appreciation and eagerness to build a unified foundation.

“As a coalition partner committed to the common cause of building a robust home performance and weatherization industry, BPI is proud to be a recipient of E4TheFuture funds,” Zarker said. “These dollars will go a long way toward helping all of us unite the voices of the home performance industry.”

Home Energy magazine publisher Tom White said the new support will enable exciting media partnerships with the foremost trade organizations in the home performance and green building industry, including the Energy and Environmental Building Alliance (EEBA), BPI, and Ef-ficiency First.

“As a partner on this HPC grant from E4TheFuture, Home Energy will upgrade our web site for use on mobile devices and launch a podcast series in 2016. Home Energy will work with HPC to build consensus among industry players, improve program synergies and develop the home performance market,” White said.

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