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25C Tax Credit Fact Sheet

July 5, 2023

BPA has developed a comprehensive fact sheet on the 25C Tax Credit, specifically tailored for contractors and businesses engaged in home retrofit services. This credit is currently available to homeowners who make energy-efficient home upgrades, such as adding insulation, HVAC systems, and other energy-saving equipment and conducting energy audits.

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 extends the Energy Efficient Home Improvement Credit (25C) through the end of 2032. It expands the credit to allow households to deduct 30% of the costs of eligible upgrades from their taxes while adding new qualified products and larger dollar maximums.

The fact sheet covers:

  • Frequently asked questions regarding the 25C tax credit
  • Eligible equipment that qualifies for the credit
  • Details about the home envelope credit
  • Clarification on labor-related queries
  • Questions concerning primary and secondary residences

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