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Resources and information on home and building performance in the state of Maine

On this page, you’ll find the latest, state-specific advocacy and policy information, updates, and educational content.

Recent Updates


State-specific downloads, links, and more.

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BPA: Maine Wraparound Resource Guide

This guide provides current resources available for new immigrants, employees, and others within Maine.

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Maine BPA/Destination Occupation Marketing Template

The following template is to provide marketing guidance to energy efficiency companies in Maine, whether they need recruitment marketing, service marketing, or both.

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Power for the People: Energy Reduction Progress at College of the Atlantic

A great discussion featuring steps to transition any home or building off fossil fuels

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E4TheFuture: 2022 Maine Energy Efficiency Jobs Report

See the 2022 Maine Efficiency Jobs Report by E4TheFuture

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Maine Inflation Reduction Act Fact Sheet

Download the IRA fact sheet for the state of Maine.

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Maine Community Development Block Grant Program

Download the program overview for the Maine Community Development Block Grant, a great opportunity for small weatherization companies.

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E4TheFuture: 2021 Maine Energy Efficiency Jobs

See the Maine Efficiency Jobs Report by E4TheFuture

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Efficiency Maine: Energy Efficiency Solutions for Municipalities

See case studies featuring 12 Maine communities that received energy efficiency and conservation block grants

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Efficiency Maine Triennial Plan Q&A with Maine BPA

Watch the webinar playback from our Q&A covering the 2023-2025 Maine Trust Triennial Plan.

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Bridging the Rural Efficiency Gap Report

Download a report that provided data about the rural energy efficiency gap and identifies barriers to energy efficiency in rural communities

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