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Home Energy Rebate Programs: Status of State Applications

December 15, 2023

Update: January 17th: First Group of States Apply for Landmark Home Energy Rebates Funding to Lower Energy Costs

The Department of Energy (DOE) has launched a state and territory application tracker. This tracker provides transparency into the current application status of State Energy Offices’ HOMES and HEEHR applications.

According to the tracker, DOE has awarded 22 states early administrative funds for HOMES and HEEHR; DOE has awarded one state (Washington) early administrative funds for HOMES only; and 12 additional states have submitted applications for early administrative funds that DOE has not yet awarded funding for. Seeking early administrative dollars is an excellent indicator of whether a State Energy Office is planning to pursue HOMES and HEEHR programs. Per DOE’s early administrative funding ALRD, “DOE reserves the right to seek the return of these funds if the recipient accepts them but does not commit to implementation of a rebate program.”

Twenty-one states have not sought early administrative funds to this point, per the tracker. However, this should not necessarily be interpreted as a signal by states that they do not intend to apply for full funds.

View the tracker here.

For more information on Home Energy Rebate programs, visit our IRA Support page.

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