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Jobs On The Rise: Energy Efficiency Jobs In Maine

February 1, 2023

The US job market has been on a roller coaster for the last few years, with workforce issues and The Great Resignation looming large while unemployment rates are hitting pre-pandemic levels. Those searching for a job want to do meaningful work that they enjoy while working for a company they trust in a growing industry. What better field than clean energy and energy efficiency?

Facts About Energy Efficiency Jobs In the US

Energy efficiency jobs are everywhere—in rural, urban, and suburban communities. These jobs cannot be outsourced and are vital to our infrastructure. Here are some other important facts about energy efficiency jobs in the US:

  • There are 381,527 energy efficiency establishments in the U.S.
  • Energy efficiency jobs account for 2,164,914 workers nationally
  • Over 16% of total U.S. construction workers spend at least 50% of their time on energy efficiency
  • 11% of EE pros are represented by a union compared to the national average of 6%
  • 8% of EE workers are veterans, higher than the national average of 6%

Energy Efficiency Jobs in Maine

Energy efficiency is the largest energy sector in Maine and is responsible for 8,328 jobs for Mainers across all 16 counties. Energy efficiency construction workers comprise 19% of Maine’s construction workforce, and 8% are veterans.

The pandemic had a devastating effect on job losses, and while there has been some recovery in this sector, there is still ample opportunity (and need) for growth when it comes to the energy efficiency workforce.

563,318 Maine homes are due for energy tune-ups

These half-a-million homes will require construction, manufacturing and trade, professional services and other jobs to be filled with Mainers dedicated to helping reduce residential electricity consumption.

Maine State Update

So what is the State of Maine doing to support this essential job sector? The Building Performance Association (BPA) received a workforce development grant through the Governor’s Clean Energy Partnership program and we are currently conducting a needs assessment for the state. Working closely with industry stakeholders, we are scheduled for monthly meetings from Jan 2023 to Sept 2023 to track updates, goals, planning, and workforce development. We have also partnered with the Maine Housing Coalition to provide training and job opportunities to asylum seekers, new Americans, and those below poverty levels or in foster care.

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