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ReMaine Internship Program Aims to Jumpstart Workforce

March 1, 2023

In order to secure a brighter future for Maine, we need long-term solutions for keeping a trained and skilled workforce within the energy efficiency sector, which will require expanding and sustaining entry-level and internship positions. The ReMaine Internship Program provides an entry point to clean energy jobs throughout the state and is focused on diverse and qualified participants in order to maintain a healthy workforce for the mountain of work we have ahead of us. Read on to learn more about the details of the ReMaine Internship Program.

Funding the ReMaine Program

The program is being led by the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP) and is funded by the Maine Governor’s Energy Offices. The program will support 32 interns across two cohorts and will subsidize 50% of wages from $18 to $22/hour for a total of 240 hours. Cohorts begin on the following dates:

  • Cohort 1 began in February and March 2023
  • Cohort 2 begins June 2023

The program partners include The JPI Group, IntWork, BPA, NECEC, and E2Tech. The JPI Group is responsible for administering the program, while the other project partners are providing connections to Maine employers and intern candidates, as well as other organizations and government bodies in the state working on workforce development in the clean energy industry.

Companies Participating in the ReMaine Internship Program

There are 8 to 10 employers in the process of signing on to host interns, and five employers nearing final confirmation. The job types that the program aims to fill include:

  • Weatherization technicians
  • Heat pump installers
  • Clean energy communications/outreach
  • Community solar positions
  • Mechanical, electrical, and firmware engineers
  • And more

The ReMaine program has already screened and matched candidates with employers for the start of the first cohort in February and March 2023, with a second cohort set to start in June 2023. The JPI Group will be leading an orientation for the interns at the beginning of each of the cohorts, which will include an introduction to the clean energy industry, workplace norms, soft skills training, and HR basics.

Internship and Employer Expectations

Employers who participate in the program will be expected to provide a mentor for their intern, ensure the mentor attends program training, provide opportunities for the intern to learn, provide regular feedback on intern performance, allow the intern to attend all training and program-related events, and approve their timecard. The program also requires employers to participate in a final interview with candidates and sign a participation/staffing agreement.

Sustainable Jobs for a Sustainable Future

We are going to have to work hard to keep clean energy jobs filled, and our workforce is going to have to work smart to keep up with the many tasks at hand. The ReMaine Internship Program will ensure that a steady flow of diverse candidates can get real on-the-job training at an entry-level, and attract them to one of Maine’s fastest-growing industries.

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