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About the Energy Auditor Training Grant Program

An image of 2 individuals in construction vests on-site, reviewing paperwork.

The Energy Auditor Training Grant Program provides $40 million in competitive funding to states with the purpose of equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to perform energy audits in both commercial and residential buildings. The program aims to create a robust clean energy workforce, help customers save on energy bills, and reduce pollution…

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DOE Releases Notice of Intent for Energy Auditor Training

State and Community Energy Programs (SCEP) has recently released a Notice of Intent (NOI) for the upcoming Energy Auditor Training (EAT) Program Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA). EAT will provide grants for states to support the training of energy auditors by paying the costs associated with energy auditor trainings and certifications, for the purpose of conducting energy audits, or surveys,…

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