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January 2023 – West Virginia State Update

Charleston, West Virginia, USA downtown skyline on the river at dusk.

The State held its yearly Governor’s Energy Summit in Roanoke, WV. BPA attended and presented the State report data provided by E4TheFuture and current activities around residential energy efficiency. We also released the Affiliate webpage with numerous leaders, links to reports, and updated call listings. BPA staff conducted several working group calls with stakeholders around…

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January 2023 – Vermont State Update

Looking down over the south end of Woodstock Vermont during the peak of fall foliage season

BPA has had regular quarterly communication with Allied Partner, BPPA VT, specifically around their whole-home decarbonization program and its connection to NEEP Total Energy Pathways program working towards a new BPI Credential. We interacted with the State Energy Office requesting inclusion into ongoing training plan development for brick and mortar training center.

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January 2023 – Pennsylvania State Update

Overhead view of the city of Erie, Pennsylvania

There has been increased collaboration with Penn Tech college, the Energy Coordinating Agency, and Keystone Energy Efficiency Alliance to further the Registered Apprenticeship program and coordinate contractors in the state.

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January 2023 – New York State Update

Albany, New York, USA downtown skyline.

BPA and BPCA have weekly scheduled calls and communications with executive officers surrounding collaborations, workforce development opportunities inside and outside existing programs. BPCA continues to increase push for stakeholder cooperation to prevent programs from being created in a vacuum. The association has become a qualified vendor with NYSERDA for impending funds implementation through a detailed…

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January 2023 – Nevada State Update

Welcome to Nevada road sign along a highway.

BPA held several meetings with the State Energy Office, a local lead organizer who performs energy audits, two trainers, and a large developer with continued outreach statewide. Key partners are the Real Estate Commission that governs energy auditor registration, statewide energy practitioners, and new construction or commercial labor organizations.

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January 2023 – Massachusetts State Update

Boston skyline in sunny summer day, view from harbor on downtown, Massachusetts, USA

BPA facilitated and conducted a large Affiliate webinar with presentations on the IRA/IIJA implementation, and industry feedback conversation. We actively organized around MassSave price increases to culminate the voice and concerns of stakeholders including contractors.

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January 2023 – Maine State Update

The Maine State House in Augusta, Maine, USA.

We successfully applied for and received a workforce development grant as part of the Governors Clean Energy Partnership program and are in the process of a needs assessment for the state. As of January 2023, we have successfully posted a position for an AmeriCorp Vista to mobilize our grassroots efforts in Maine. We have worked…

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